Reviews: Fringe Festival

‘Jack Tandy in Jack Tandy forever’

Jack Tandy

Introducing Jack Tandy’s self-titled show as “Jack Tandy in Jack Tandy forever” would make anyone question whether he was really putting on a comedy show or running for a world record in how many times Jack Tandy could justifiably appear in one sentence…four times it seems.

Despite his evident self-love, Tandy’s first performance manages to muster an extremely honest, thoughtful and witty show that explores how one person’s choices in life can affect others even if they are not directly connected. Tandy bases his show around his hilarious late father and the impact that his deteriorating health had on his ability to function as a sane adult- resulting in temporary insanity over a chicken burger, refusing to leave gaol and an attempted murder of a 6 year old brat.

The show separates Tandy from other stand-ups as it is not primarily gag focused. Now don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of delightfully horrendous jokes and comical use of music throughout the show and he assured me that he is “not against laughing” but was more interested in “saying something that has truth to it” rather than stale gag after gag. His expertise in the craft of comedy is particularly evident by his ability to draw his audience in to a semi-serious topic and know exactly when to release the tension with a big old chuckle and impersonation of his dad’s jokes….rocketing dad jokes to a new stratosphere of professional comedy.

Jack Tandy in Jack Tandy forever was an extremely refreshing and relatable show that I would recommend to anyone who was after a comedian who really cares for and understands their craft. But I mostly just liked discovering the extreme lengths (including incarceration) a hungry boy will go for “a god damn chicken burger. “
*Sidenote: Jack Tandy’s show is not one giant dad joke…I wish it were though, that would be amazing.

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